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How Your Wedding Can Give Back

Looking for ways for your wedding to make an impact? or maybe just make someone else’s day a little better? Here’s a few ways your dream wedding can give back to others.

  1. Donate your flowers. Often brides are unsure of what to do with expensive floral arrangements once the wedding is over. Do you take them home? Leave them at the venue? Throw them away? The florist doesn’t want them, and as pretty as they might be, 20 something centerpieces usually don’t have a place in your house. So, if you want to make someone’s day and let them enjoy your gorgeous decor, you should donate them! The most popular place to donate is nursing homes, as they often have spaces to accommodate the arrangements and residents that will appreciate them. Hospitals can be another choice, but may not accept them.

  2. Donate to charity option on your registry. Often couples have lived together or lived on their own prior to the wedding and have everything they need when they combine households — making the typical registry gift list of plates or sheets unnecessary. If you and your intended have more stuff than you know what to do with, it may be very difficult for you to come up with gifts for your registry! Zola is a great site that allows couples to choose gifts from just about anywhere, create funds for experiences like the honeymoon or a couples massage, and they even allow a donate option. You can choose a charity from their site or create a cash fund and give the money to the charity or charities of your choice! Guests feel good about giving back and so do you, and there’s less clutter!

  3. Research your vendors. If you are torn between vendors, you should research everything about them and weigh out the pros and cons. And if you want to make sure your wedding gives back, you could ask about that vendor’s contributions to the community and charity! Do they host community events? Do they get involved with local shelters in your area? This could tip the scale, and ultimately, using a vendor that is involved in charitable contributions to your community means you are contributing, too!

  4. Pick sustainable materials or venues. Want to give back to mother nature? Try to pick out materials and items that are sustainably sourced and leave a small footprint. For example, using kegs for your alcohol instead of individual bottles and cans can help cut down on glass and aluminum waste. Want to see more environmentally friendly wedding ideas —> click on this link to another one of our blog articles.

  5. Donate your wedding dress. Not sure what you will do with your wedding dress after your event? Don’t want to hold on it? You can donate gently used wedding dresses so that other brides less fortunate can wear the dress of their dreams that they would otherwise never be able to afford. Not sure where to donate? See these charitable retailers for more information: Adorned In Grace Forever Angels of Virginia Brides Across America Brides Against Breast Cancer Brides For a Cause

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