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Tips to Pick a Catering Menu for a Picky Crowd

Do you have a crowd with lots of dietary restrictions or picky guests? Now, I can’t promise everyone will be happy, because let’s face it, there are some people you just can’t please; but these tricks can help you to pick the perfect catering menu to please as many as your guests as possible!

  1. Avoid the plated dinner option. Without changing a thing on the menu, this option allows guests to pick exactly what they want from what you have to offer in the buffet. If you only offer the plated dinner option, guests don’t get to choose what ends up on their plate, and that may turn off some people.

  2. Pick a variety. Of course I would always advise choosing foods you enjoy for your wedding menu, but I encourage you to pick out different kinds you like for the sake of your guests as well. For example, if you get the choice of multiple proteins, picking a red meat option and a seafood/chicken option may appeal to more people and dietary restrictions. Often, menus will have a generic vegetarian/vegan option for guests included for a few guests, but if you know a large majority of your guests follow this kind of diet, you may want to consider choosing an option as part of your menu.

  3. Survey guests prior to choosing a menu. Since most of your guests are usually close friends and family, ask them what they think! Now, I would be very careful with this one and would only advise you ask people who will not try to make the choices for you. If you have a pushy mother-in-law or a friend trying to live vicariously through your wedding, they may not be the ones to ask. But ask your trusted friends and family what they like to eat or if they’ve ever had something at a wedding they thought was great!

  4. Ask your caterer for advice! Your caterer has probably done dozens, if not hundreds of events and weddings, and often they know the crowd pleasing choices. If you aren’t sure what to pick or are having trouble choosing, ask them what they suggest and what seems to go over the best. After all, they are the experts.

Ultimately, this day is about you and your beloved, and the only opinion you should really care about is y’all’s. But, often couples spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their weddings and want their guests to be happy, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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