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Choosing a wedding planner or coordinator is a personal decision.

Even the best wedding planner on the planet can't do a great job if they don't understand what you're trying to achieve with your event. Picking a planner that jives with you and your partner can make or break your big day that you've spent months, maybe years, meticulously planning. 

Outdoor Wedding ceremony

The Experience with Moss & Magnolias Wedding Co.

Consultation Call

It all starts with a phone call. During this call, we will discuss your event and what you want accomplished. I can assist you in finding the perfect package that fits your needs so that you have everything you want on your big day. 

Make Things Official!

If we’re a good fit and you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you a proposal with a contract and invoice to make our partnership official. Once you submit it, your date is secured on my calendar and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you just found your dream wedding coordinator!

Timeline Creation

Whether you've picked one of my coordination packages or my full-service planning package, timelines are the very first thing on our to-do list! We'll go over the details of your day and make sure we have enough time to accomplish everything you want to be done on your big day. 

Planning Meetings

Depending on the package you have chosen will depend on the type and frequency of planning meetings. Willowwood packages are intensive with monthly meetings, where coordination packages will have one long planning meeting closer to your event. 

Vendor Management Two Weeks Out from Your Event

Two weeks out from your event, I take over! All vendor correspondence (with the exception of payment details) will go through me! This is one of my clients' favorite features, because it allows them to soak up the last few weeks of their engagement and bask in the excitement that their wedding is just around the corner!

Rehearsal Time

Practice makes perfect! I'll be coordinating your rehearsal and making sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when so they get it right on the actual day!

Cue the Wedding Bells

The day has finally arrived, and you and your partner get to bask in the joy of your love with all your friends and family! This is where I make sure every detail that you have planned comes to fruition and that all your vendors get it right! I'll also make sure any decor or items you want get set up and taken down and sent home with the right person! I'll keep you and your guests on schedule and make sure you get to accomplish everything you want on your wedding day!

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