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Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want to Take Home (and Use!)

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, chances are the couple gave out favors to all the guests! And chances are, you’ve also seen dozens of the favors left on the tables after the wedding. Often they are personalized products that the couple love — but guests, not so much. Many people don’t want just ONE MORE item to junk up their house or their lives, so they leave them behind! Here are some ideas for favors your guests will be excited to take home.

Potted plants or seeds Give your guests a favor that will not only last (if they have a green thumb!) but is good for the environment, too! Small plants like succulents or seedlings are a great gift your guests might actually take home with them.

Sweets! Let’s be honest . . . no one is ever upset to get a free cookie. Cookies, brownies, or really any sweets are a great little treat for your guests to take home! Sure they had cake, but these cute little morsels could give them a little something sweet from your big day at a later date.

Chapstick It’s great to provide guests with a favor that everyone needs, but may not think about getting until they need it . . . like chapstick! They can be personalized with the couple’s name and wedding date like these pictured, but are more than just a pretty thing to remember your event by. Want some? Click this link —> MODPARTY ETSY LINK

Honey or jams Honey or little jam jars can be a great favor to hand out to guests! Much like sweets, people always love free food — especially something that keeps for a while like honey! There are so many options for these on Etsy that can be customized, as well.

Sunglasses Having a beach wedding? Or maybe a summer one? Sunglasses are a perfect easy favors to give your guests and they can be personalized for your big day! Like this? Check them out on MODPARTY’s ETSY shop.

Soap This one sounds kind of funny, because you don’t want your guests to think that you think they stink . . . ha! But everybody needs soap and handmade soaps like these are a great little gift! Want these? Click this link —> LEBOX BOUTIQUE’s Etsy page.

Coffee Who doesn’t need a nice dose of caffeine?! These cute little coffee favors could be the perfect think to perk up your guests! These are easily personalized with the details of the big day and make adorable favors! Love these? Us, too! Find them here —> Laurel St Designs

Bottle Openers These are very utilitarian gifts to give your guests that they can use again and again! They can be engraved with the wedding details on it, too, so guests can remember your big day every time they use it! Like these? Find them here —> Lavaca Printing on Etsy

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